Getting to know Junin Suggested places to visit



Noon: Arrival in Junin


a) A visit to Gomez Lake Natural Park: excellent spot 10 km from the city to see in vehicle, on foot, jog, on bicycle, etc. to share nice moments with friends, fish, go horseback riding, practice water sports, visit the Kitesurf/or Windsurf schools; para-skiing Association, etc. Until 6 pm.;

b) 'El Carpincho' Lake (Fisherman's Club): beautiful spot near the city, to enjoy nature/ the out-doors, to fish (from the coast, the breakwater, and/or boat), go on a picnic, barbeque, etc.;

c) A visit to Mariápolis – O'Higgins (permanent secular community): beautiful park, sweets factory (sweet-shop), chocolates, handmade wooden articles, etc;

d) A visit to Junin Golf Club (large field with 18 holes) to enjoy a nice practice and/or tournaments;

e) Walk through Roque Saenz Peña Avenue, after 6pm, it's one of many important downtown streets with shops, pubs, restaurants, coffeehouses with nice views to the street, art showings in the municipal museum (MUMA) (art gallery)

f) A visit to MACA Museum of Contemporary Art.

g) Visit to the Eusebio Marsilla Racetrack



1) Restó Latinoamericano
(Latin american restaurant)

2) "Casonas del Fiambre" (house of cold cuts) 15 km away: homemade cold cuts, barbeque (criollo), pastas, etc.

3) Dinner and show at restaurant "Chique" - restaurant/pub -

4) Various shows, cinema and/or theater, concerts and/or soloists




a) walking tour through the city;

b) A stroll through Borchex park;

c) A visit to Los Toldos to see Eva Peron's house and Museum; The Benedict Monastery; cheese factory; honey, etc.

And in the afternoon:
Free to do as you wish

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